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Located on austnet using IRC. Those who hold truth and honor close to their heart will find a warm bowl of paga and a lusty slave awaiting their enjoyment.
#reina's kitchen
IRC channel on NewNet.
IRC channel on
A kajira's personal pages
Thoughts on slavery and Gor, by cinda, slave of Azmax.
Alexia's corner of Gor
An informational site for kajirae and Free people. Quotes, training, dances.
California Goreans
Real-time discussion list for those in California who are Goreans. Infrequent gatherings.
Camp of the Tuchuks
The fiercest of the four tribes who make up the Wagon Peoples. A brief introduction to the culture of these proud nomads of the Turian plains.
cathy's World
A kajira's homepage providing information on Gorean castles and taverns, menus, and a comprehensive dictionary. Online Gor
A for-pay chat site open to those involved with Gorean roleplay and lifestyle.
City of Port Kar
This is a chat site dedicated to the philosophy of Gor. Be Welcome.
Clan of Kassar
A Real/Life Gor group of "Wagon People". Sandor's clan, original source for the Kassar language (c).
Chatrooms and information on the novels.
Crimson Talender Tavern
An interactive, fee-free chat via telnet welcoming those who enjoy Gorean role play, lifestyle, or philosophy.
Crooked_Tarn Discussion Board
In companionship with the austnet channel of #Crooked_Tarn, founded on the ideals and philosophy written of by John Norman.
Dances of Gor
In-depth research, helpful tips and information on kajira dance as presented in the books.
Essays, fiction and anecdotes about living a Gorean lifestyle in the modern world, including a lengthy introduction to John Norman's writings. Also, handmade Turian steel slave collars, bina and other merchandise of interest.
Eden - Gorean slave page
Writings, poetry, and dances, plus a series of training classes.
Gor on Earth
A library of collected essays written by Gabriel and his slave discussing Gorean philosophy, enslavement, and their life as Master/slave offline.
Gor Treve
Community in 3-D on Active Worlds, resources, slave training, live chat, fun stuff, and shopping.
Gorean Banner Exchange
A banner exchange for Gorean sites. Free sign up and simple rules to display banners.
Gorean Discussion
An open forum for the discussion of Gor. All intelligent conversation and debate is welcome.
Gorean Encyclopedia
Comprehensive encyclopedia based upon the 25 novels of John Norman, complete with book references.
Gorean Foundation
Includes the Gorean Encyclopedia and the kajira's challenge.
Gorean Greeting Cards
Choose from many original works of Gorean art, and send to anyone with an E-Mail address.
Gorean Lore
Selected quotes from the Gorean novels, intended to illuminate those interested in the world created by John Norman.
Gorean Market
Market Place for jewelry, crafts, and books
Gorean Point Inn
Information on the associated inn and John Norman's fictional world.
Gorean Web Site
A Gorean website, dedicated to information of the Gorean Lifestyle, information for Masters/Mistresses/Slaves
Gorean Whispers
Web site, mailing list and IRC discussion channel on DALnet. Discussions are limited to the Gorean philosophies and how to take them to offline life. No role play - No fantasy content.
Designed to provide an open and multi-faceted Gorean presence online in which all can find their comfortable level of strictness while respecting the views of others.
A lifestyle orientated environment, located on the Active Worlds chat service.
A Channel on Dalnet IRC.
John Norman's Gor
Offers a vast amount of information as stated in John Norman's books. These pages are intended as an aid, and by no means take the place of reading the novels.
Jonrhus of Gor
One Master and his slave living the Gorean lifestyle on earth. Books for sale. Pictures of slave positions and brands. Stories by Jonrhus and others.
Kai's Gorean Slavery Site
Includes information on the main topic, discipline, training and thoughts on being a kajira.
Kaissa - The Game
Contains various rules for kaissa, including online and email versions of the game, and actual kaissa sets for sale.
kaissa - the game
From "the game" in John Norman's source books, comes an interactive on-line game that is playable by two.
kajira bells
Slave bell jewelry made to custom fit the wearer, Feel free to browse and suggest improvements or items you would like to see
Kajira Dreams
A detailed slave's repository covering both online interaction and offline living. Also includes a large selection of Gorean related graphics and over 140 greeting cards.
Kajira Forum Gorean Resource
Accurate information relevent to kajirae and the world of Gor. Includes dozens of essays and over five hundred quotes from the novels. Various aspects of Gorean slavery, positions, dances, attire, kajira faq, weekly discussion group.
Kasbah in the Shifting Sands
Adults Only Gorean Aretai stronghold in the Tahari desert
Lady Laraa's Keep
Lady Laraa is a scribe of Vonda, in the subcaste of the Historians. Vonda is most well known for the training of gladitorial fighting slaves.
Our Home
Created by a woman who has dedicated herself to training slaves, and educating Gor. Poetry, dance, serves, menus, Kassar language.
Outlaws of Gor
A chat site dedicated to the Gorean lifestyle.
Pairodys Palace
A pay adult chat service offering a selection of Gorean influenced rooms.
Planet Gor
A place to learn of this fictional world and its ways. Includes a Gorean Dictionary, tips on serving, a list of dances and how to write your own.
Reflections of the Soul
eCards designed for Master/slaves, featuring original artwork, poetry.
Sardaria, A Gorean Community
A community of men and women sharing a belief in and commitment to a particular set of ideas and principles commonly called Gorean Philosophy.
Slave Web Page
Designed to help slaves who are looking to explore the World of Gor.
StarGateInn's Gorean Web Ring
Webring for Gor based sites only.
Share Master Lord_Falcon's thoughts on owning a kajira and skye{LF}'s thoughts on being owned.
Essays on living the Gorean philosophy and incorporating the culture including fictional essays and prose, and Gorean culture information.
A peaceful Gorean desert camp; remote of Tor, at the Oasis of Two Scimitars, in the harsh but beautiful Tahari Desert, planet GOR. Home to many Masters, Mistress' and their kajirae. Located on
Tarn's Eye Tavern
A Gorean tavern, patterned after the original Gorean works. A place where all may enter and feel at home.
A tavern set in the city of Tharna, which lies north east of Corcyrus, between the city of Ko-ro-ba and the Sardar Mountains.
Tavern of Stone
Aspects of an alternative way of living one's life as a Master or slave are discussed as well as concepts of dominance and submission.
Tharlarion Reign Tavern
A small Gorean tavern within the walls of Jad on the Isle of Cos.
The Annotated Gorean Links String
A collection of annotated links broken into categories.
The Central Fire
A large collection of information and quotes copied from numerous other websites.
The Chatka & Curla
MUCK based game playing in a fictional tavern and its surroundings.
The Crossed Daggers
A path of Gorean learning and discovery. Information, personal writings and discussion.
The Gorean Falls
Peaceful camp at the base of a waterfall, high in the Voltai range. Dedicated to teaching the Gorean philosophies. Located in Yahoo Adult chat.
The Gorean Forum
A multi-forum public message board for the use of those interested in Gorean culture.
The Gorean Public Boards
An interactive message board for fans and lifestylers of John Norman's Gor. Public boards are described in book #25 - Magicians of Gor and is from where this forum takes its name.
The Gorean Voice
A monthly online magazine which addresses both the fans of the books of John Norman's Chronicles of Gor, and the lifestylers, with interviews, information and articles on philosophy, interaction and living within the codes in this society.
The Inn At Star Gate
An Inn nestled in the Mountains of Thentis.
The Jagged Dagger
A Yahoo Chat channel dedicated to following the books of John Norman, providing information on the Gorean lifestyle and the world of Gor.
The Kaige Page
A real time kajira discusses various issues on Gorean slavery and its application to real life.
The Kajira Pages
A collection of quotes taken from the novels on kajirae and the land of Torvald. Indexed for ease of use.
The Lost Scroll
Original fantasy fiction based loosely on The Chronicles of Gor.
The Masquerade Inn
Role-playing on IRC that is not meant for kids. The setting is a peaceful inn nestled in the foothills of Talmont.
The Official Gorean WebRing
Webring featuring all types of Gorean sites regardless of network affiliation. Does not include sites of a BDSM nature, nor slave poetry pages.
The Plains of Turia
A small encampment on the edge of the plains.
The Scribe's Archive
A detailed and documented reference of Gorean culture.
The Silk & Steel Tavern
An informational resource providing a library of essays and background on the IRC channel of the same name.
The White Larl
An auction house and tavern intended for those interested in the lifestyle. All auctions are strictly for fun and entertainment, and are in no way permanent.
The Yellow Knives
A comprehensive look at the people that make up Books 17 and 18 of the John Norman Series.
This Kajira's Heart
A website dedicated to kajira and information on them.
World of Gor
Cooperative effort with John Norman to republish the 25 books and bring two new ones to publication.
This is a new age chat site. Gorean rooms: Varma Akas, Tarn Tavern, kajira falls, Blackhand Outpost, City of Ar, Paravachi.

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